Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello again, it has been a little while since we have interacted. Does this mean I have forgotten you beloved? Never. Lets talk weather. Thats always a good ice breaker when you've been out of touch. Speaking of ice, our fortune teller the weather man says we are in for some snow. 6" Drive safe Holly! I went to Walgreens, the closest store to get some essentials in the event that we enter an ice age. Among some of these essentials was chocolate milk and a snow shovel. Snow is such a delicate thing, if left unaddressed begins to harden like plaque on the wall of the arteries. (Thanks alot chocolate milk.) This makes the journey from the front door to the car quite burdensome. There are alot of metaphors and life application stories that can come from that short nugget. I have my sound card back and so videos are coming soon. So far Mondays will be Epic EGW. Tuesday will be picture story, Wed will be a music video where Kori Kenny and I will Rap. Ya Rap. Not the traditional delivery filled with beligerant  messy musical medlies with 0% nutritional value. This my friends will be rich like Rye. These are only the beta stages however and if it is a crash and burn Ill re-evaluate. Forgive my spelling for when I have ideas, I must purge myself of them immediately, otherwise they would be lost subconsciously forever. Spell checker you say? My mouse is tired and to have to reach all the way to the top of my screen to do that... well  I""LL juust cuntend withe terrrribull spelllling.  

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